The characteristics of the Venezuelan family

In what ways are these families typical of their country?

The characteristics of the Venezuelan family are deeply rooted in its origins, both in cultural, religious, social, economic and educational, thereby covering all aspects required for the consolidation of the same and therefore the correct and proper development of children.

The models that influence the family profile and variation to the different thesis on the Venezuelan family, are given to external factors especif to each family nucleus, for example, and to mention some, the origin of the new family which consists of two families with very similar (never equal). The similarities or differences in these aspects don’t guarantee that this family is the model of Venezuelan family, but covering the basic (housing, food, clothing and education) is achieved at the end of the desired result.

What is a typical family in your country? Is there such a thing?

The family in my country is linked the influence geopolitical, influential sociology, being stronger in rural family union, and very contrary in the big cities.

Is your family typical? Why? Why not?

My family is typical at rural areas, with strong ties, product the planting of values moral, emotional, religious and others.


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