My character.

My character.

 Over the years, many characters in one way or another have marked the thinking of a person, their behaviour, their way of life, for his pace, figure character starring in a movie (big screen or small), good or bad, have always left a souvenir in memory of the teenager or adult child now.

When I make it hindsight, memories come to mind, character child, teen singers, movie characters and characters of everyday life in everyday life.

Currently, there is a person good or a bad memory left inside people, depends on the point of view of everyone, he marked a difference, not only in the politics of Venezuela, so did international politics. Exalt is not to trivialize this person, only to see that other people got seen from another perspective the events surrounding it.

Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez, called the tyrant, the dictator, the coup, others called the friend, the protector of the poor, perhaps with more bad than good adjectives. He got that Venezuela was reference in any discussion, for poverty reduction, or freedom of expression, to say something, but it was referring to an international reality.

HUGO CHAVEZ FRIAS, tyrant or saviour, everyone has their point of view. Mine, VENEZUELA THERE


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