My first love

My first love

After so many years, come to my memory the looks of the girls who studied with me, she took me by the hand and said “we are engaged” childhood innocence.

Then over time, I met her, I remember saying “Move over there, because I will embitter his life.”

I remember the weeks were long, in the waiting to arrive the Saturday day, and weekends were short, for stay together.

That any excuse, for silly, was incredibly good to call; now even I have excuses to call.

The strictness of military school mitigated just thinking about that soon would see.

Every day of the week he wrote in a letter, and handed it on Saturday.

Remember the first kiss, I still feel the thrill of that moment through my body, it was a stolen kiss, I still do.

The night I said “I do, but do not mess with me”, I’m playing yet.

Twenty-four years later, we continue to live the first love.


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