Do you think a lot of children are spoiled these days?

Do you think a lot of children are spoiled these days?

This question has many answers, depending on the point of view of each person.

Many parents had needs in the childhood. They learned value everything give obtained as work product. But now, the fathers to forget this, arguing that: “my children do not spend the same needs that I pass”.

The parents give as an object electronic device there, sometimes unnecessary, just to see him smile; which any pretext, a gift. The child does not know the value of the gift, not made ​​an effort to earn it, he now argues “dad buys, mom pays, solves dad or mom…”

Where is the real value of things? The boy must learn to earn what you want, not gainfully employed, only with effort, and that is the responsibility of parents to nurture the child the values ​​of responsibility, honesty, sacrifice, work, etc.


What household rules do you think are a good idea for families?

Rules to help improve this relationship must be flexible and the bounty according to acting.

Duties and rights are paramount, everybody should know them where they start and where they finish each duties and each right.

Duties as studying, cleaning and tidying the bedroom, bath, are basic in children. Has the right to be fed, to be clothed, to be educated, to be loved…

Parents have the duty and the obligation to cover these rights.

Here does not end there, however starts because education begins at home, with example, fulfilling the role each has in the home, as head of this.

Cultivating between parents values ​​such as honesty, respect, punctuality, responsibilities, ethical values, love, respect neighbour, children use the Ref.

However, these rights and duties are added as a whole in the home, with shared tares, cleaning of common areas, the parent helping in the kitchen, on schoolwork, to give some examples.


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