James Bond 007 DR No

James Bond 007

In 1953, Ian Fleming, in his book “Casino Royale” creates a mythical character, James Bond, who becomes an agent of the British Secret Service (MI6)

James Bond is a double zero agent, the main character in all spy books the Fleming.

The first film about the legendary British Secret Service agent is “Dr No”.

The plot is related to a terrible villain who is dedicated to working with active radio materials, cause to lose their hands, and metal prostheses in it.

Zero double agent, is sent to Jamaica to investigate the death of another agent, who was murdered by members of the organization Spectra, which the Dr No was a member.

Bond and honey, which is the companion to the plot of the film; they are captured by members of the criminal organization of Dr. No.

Bond killer to the Dr No and Honey escapes the island on a boat after being rescued.



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