Crazy Rabbit

There was once a house in the woods, in that lived in one sweet grandmother.

 Every day, the sweet little grandmother was visited for your grandson, Juan, he was rabbit, always wearing a top hat, and his friends called him crazy rabbit.

One day Rabbit crazy left his home and on the way he met with the bad Carlos, and he always annoyed the other neighborhood kids. Rabbit crazy to see the bad Carlos ran to him, the other guys were scared because all the bad Carlos feared him and asked where you’re going, Carlos? “ And he answered: “I going to the house of your sweet grandmother”

Why? Crazy rabbit question again.

Carlos bad, he says, “she prepares delicious cookies.

Crazy rabbit think: “My grandmother is not going to give the gorilla biscuits” and runs to the grandmother’s house. Arriving tells her grandmothers in the mall are in rebates, he knows his grandmother crazy about shopping; she takes the motorcycle and leaves home.

Soon comes the bad Carlos, knocks on the door loudly, hear no response and walks away, while inside the house, crazy rabbit, is preparing delicious cookies for gorilla Carlos, because I wanted to help him stop being the bad neighbourhood.

At the end came out of Grandma’s house and took them to Carlos, who loved to try him and shared with the other kids in the neighbourhood, thus the bad Carlos stopped bothering the boys and so they lived happily ever after.


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