The origin of the name Venezuela

In relation the origin of the name “Venezuela”, highlight two theses.

The first and best fits to the origin of the name, is the holding or word that comes from Indian word “Veneçiuela” being a term that means “Big Water“, referring to the vast area of Lake Maracaibo, according the dialect of the Indians “Añu” that living at the entrance to this. Being a term that was translated to the Spanish language

The second theory says that the name comes from the diminutive of the name of the Italian city of “Venice”, calling it “Little Venice”, and I attribute that supposedly Italian explorer Americo Vespucci to, who stated that the stilt houses (or huts) of indigenous “Sinamaica” inhabited Lagoon, to the homes of the city of Venice.


Current stilts in the lagoon of Sinamaica of Venezuela


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