In my family my wife is the main. If every family the father is the head of the household, my case is not so.

Mary E is my wife since 1991. She is the daughter of Jesus and Marina, my dear in-laws, has a brother’s Alexis, 43, and her sister’s Lisbeth 37.

Our relationship is excellent, she always down-to-earth, making appropriate decisions, Mary is self-sufficient, thankfully so, because my profession is not allowed me to be at all times at home, but I was calm, she solved at the time, even in the most difficult moment when two armed robbers entered the house, she could control the situation.

Maria gives my teenage daughters who need guidance. She is always a role model.
Mary won two titles as a Technical Colleges (computer and finance) and two college degrees degree in Management, and one in Accounting.

My beloved wife is approximately 1.60 meters in height, their age is (do not mention) but if it’s younger than me.
She always has a smile on his face, despite the circumstances, it is very sentimental and adorable, always gives a hand to those who need it, by good friend, I did not even know the hard way.
A Mary E love, dance, sing, go for walks, is addicted to the studies, and many more qualities.
What she hates most is the kitchen, life has always stayed away from the kitchen, but here has shown that in the kitchen also excels.

Lifestyle is very simple, but can be sophisticated if required.


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