Merida is the excellence state.

Merida is the excellence state.

In Merida State has beautiful towns that are ideal places to go for a walk, wonderful parks, is  most interviewed throughout the year.

Merida has a pleasant mountain climate, and beautiful natural scenery, roads in good conditions that facilitate the connection with the rest of the country.

Its main attraction is the Pico Bolivar, Nestled within the national park “Sierra Nevada” and which has a height of 4,978 meters above sea level, and it there is snow all year.

Other summits that are located near the peak Bolivar are: Humboldt 4942 meters, La Concha 4922 meters, 4883 meters Bonpland, Mirror 4880 meters, 4740 meters León, El Toro Mucuñuque 4729 meters and 4609 meters. The Indians had a legend about five snowy peaks of this mountain and called the five white eagles.


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