The Achaguas Nazarene

The Achaguas Nazarene

The 10 March 1821, General Jose Antonio Paez, after instructing his troops, the braves of Apure, enters the Church Achaguas population in the plains of Apure, and during prayers promises to bring Achaguas population, an image of the Nazarene, if he gets the victory in battle.

That same day, 10 March, General Jose Antonio Paez, part commanding 2500 men bound for the village of San Carlos, in accordance with the instructions issued by General Simon Bolivar.

Effectively General Jose Antonio Paez, get the victory in the Battle of Carabobo on June 24, 1821, returning triumphantly to the population of Achaguas.

General Paez in 1833 leads to a Nazarene church Achaguas, this is carved in black oak and 1.80 meters high, the cross is 2.70 meters at the mainmast and 1.40 meters on stick less, and is 7 inches by 12.5 inches thick.



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