Gasparee caves III

Inside the cave, you have several ways by which visitors can go and see the natural wonders of this cave.
Then some boys in the group, myself included boys, climbed on a stone that allows to observe the lake inside the cave, this lake is salt water, clean, a little deep and a very pleasant temperature, as visitors they decided to walk so it made.

The tour of the cave was estimated duration for thirty minutes, and was extended to fifty to convenience of swimmers.
On the island of Gaspar Grande, is located military installations dating from the Second World War, are easy to observe in the tour to the caves is passed along to these semi-subterranean concrete structures (bunker) are silent signs of the passage of man this natural beauty.



Gasparee caves II

Already gathered all and that arrived the person that guided Chaguaramas Development Authority and who kindly explained the origin of the island, and its main tourist attraction centre are Gasparee caves.

Just past the entrance to the cave, which is protected by a fence that prevents access prevents unauthorized persons, we find a narrow staircase, of a meter wide, built of iron or steel, and painted green, by declining to only these could be inside the caves, in various parts got the typical presence of stalactites and stalagmites, which are the natural result of the accumulation of minerals that are washed away. These formations allow visitors to observe interesting images, like the shadow of pop singer Michael Jackson, or the face of a person…


Gasparee caves.

Last March, we had the opportunity to make a short trip with fellow students and teachers of the institute to the island of Gaspar Grande or Gasparee.
The day before the trip, stayed all meet in the parking lot of KFC which is by the west moll, the fun began, seeing as they arrived and the boys would gather to discuss the expectations in store for the day.
After commanding in different cars, we left via Chaguaramas, there we board a boat to take us to the island of Gaspar Grande, where we gather to wait, because all we could not board the boat…


The Achaguas Nazarene

The Achaguas Nazarene

The 10 March 1821, General Jose Antonio Paez, after instructing his troops, the braves of Apure, enters the Church Achaguas population in the plains of Apure, and during prayers promises to bring Achaguas population, an image of the Nazarene, if he gets the victory in battle.

That same day, 10 March, General Jose Antonio Paez, part commanding 2500 men bound for the village of San Carlos, in accordance with the instructions issued by General Simon Bolivar.

Effectively General Jose Antonio Paez, get the victory in the Battle of Carabobo on June 24, 1821, returning triumphantly to the population of Achaguas.

General Paez in 1833 leads to a Nazarene church Achaguas, this is carved in black oak and 1.80 meters high, the cross is 2.70 meters at the mainmast and 1.40 meters on stick less, and is 7 inches by 12.5 inches thick.


Merida is the excellence state.

Merida is the excellence state.

In Merida State has beautiful towns that are ideal places to go for a walk, wonderful parks, is  most interviewed throughout the year.

Merida has a pleasant mountain climate, and beautiful natural scenery, roads in good conditions that facilitate the connection with the rest of the country.

Its main attraction is the Pico Bolivar, Nestled within the national park “Sierra Nevada” and which has a height of 4,978 meters above sea level, and it there is snow all year.

Other summits that are located near the peak Bolivar are: Humboldt 4942 meters, La Concha 4922 meters, 4883 meters Bonpland, Mirror 4880 meters, 4740 meters León, El Toro Mucuñuque 4729 meters and 4609 meters. The Indians had a legend about five snowy peaks of this mountain and called the five white eagles.

Mérida State

Mérida State:

Another wonderful region of Venezuela is the state of Merida, located in the Andes, western Venezuela. The state capital Mérida has the same name, but it is also known as Santiago de los Caballeros de Merida.

The city of Merida was founded in 1558 by Captain Juan Rodriguez Suarez located on a plateau at an altitude of 1200-1500 meters above sea level. The indigenous tribes that inhabited it was “the Tateyes or Tatuyes”

The population of the city of Merida is very young, especially for being in her University of the Andes.

Merida is very quiet; theirs people are very friendly, always cheerful. It is a place for a holiday at any time of year, has excellent sites for recreation and tourism, a rich gastronomy, good restaurants.

What’s your favourite building? What building would you like to knock down?

The Hotel Humboldt was built in 1956 by architect Tomas Sanábria and the presidency of General Marcos Pérez Jiménez.

It is a low rise building, 60 meters high, 14 floors and 70 rooms. At the present time is not in use. Her circular structure that offers 360 degree view, especially clear day you can see perfectly Caracas, weather permitting.
The main attraction of the hotel Humboldt, is its location more than 2,000 meters above sea level, on the hill Warairarepano, having access through a rustic road vehicles, for the old “Kings Road” which was the via communication between Guaira seaport and Caracas during the time of the colony, and using the cable car.
In the hotel can enjoy local foods, ice skating, and recreational activities.

Actually I do not remember any building that should be torn down for the moment.